Saturday, March 12, 2005

Suitcase, Please

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Leaving for San Diego for a conference tomorrow. The washing machine is working overtime, I have many chores and errands still to do, not the least of which is ordering the invitations (I think I was high when I thought I would be able to make them myself).

But, I can't help but taking a spin around the blogosphere this morning, and came across this fun idea via crafty-foody blog Super Eggplant.


I finally finished Kavalier & Clay. Finally. I spent a few morning hours on Wednesday devouring the last couple of chapters. Chabon has a winning way with words, and he created a wonderful setting, plot, and characters. But...I just was never really completely drawn in, didn't inhabit it mentally. Still a worthwhile read, however.

Now I have to choose another tome from my huge "to be read" stack, which has not diminished much since the last library sale, and the next one happens in just a few weeks. Will I take The Red Tent or The Time Traveler's Wife with me on my trip? The latter is smaller...


At 11:24 PM, March 12, 2005, Blogger Rebecca said...

Good luck with all that prep work and safe travels.

I made our wedding invitations and still cringe about it. I'm sure anything you made would be better, but I say do whatever eases your load at this point!


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