Thursday, March 10, 2005

Was I Alive Today? (Didn't Seem Like It.) You Decide.

One thing I love about geese--they clear their path through the atmosphere boldly, honky-talking their way along, low in the sky, giving me plenty of warning so I can run out onto the deck and worship them as harbingers of good fortune. I know they have a reputation as greedy, cold-hearted bastards when they're flat-footed on the ground, but aloft...creatures of wonder.


People care: As an introvert, I'm normally skeptical, but I'm having a hard time disproving that they like me, they really really like me. I receive unsolicited gifts. Nancy sez nice things about me, as do other veeps in my life. In gym class, we're all working on our biceps since I have to look cut in my wedding gown, and classmates thank me for it. And despite my best efforts, I've been asked to go bowling with coworkers tomorrow night. What the hell?

Family, friends...the list of kindnesses large and small I experience daily, hourly, unfolds gently and inexorably? naturally? I'm not sure how to describe it. And M. What he does for me is beyond everything.

In my own feeble way, I'm trying to give back. While awaiting fillings in my dentist's (la dentista magnifica I call her) office today, which I love for its thriftiness *and* plethora of back issues of Vanity Fair, I tried hard to convince Terry the receptionist to start a blog. Or at least put her photos (she interrupted my VF reverie with a suggestion that I look through her lovely trip journal to Anza Borrego in spring) on line.

Yes, lame, but I swear I'll try to pass on some small sliver of the happiness I find strewn in my path every day.


It was 80 degrees today. Eight zero. Had to water some of the flowers today. Wow.


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