Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Day Off

Well, I guess I'm a bison. I don't agree with everything about this animal personality, but most of it's accurate. I also like that the results give the term for the animal's grouping. For instance, it's a "convention of bison"--certainly apropos for my current professional position. I liked a "suet of walrus." So, I'm a middle-child-Virgo-bison-ox. There it is then.

Thanks, Nancy!


M and I are in our pj's in bed still, side by side with our laptops, Rex between us, taking turns begging us with eyes to come out and play. M's been regaling me with readings from the Creation Science Association (now there's an oxymoron) web site. I've had one latte and am contemplating another. Really, we're just putting off the chore we've assigned ourselves today: cleaning the house. When we do it together, we get a lot done fairly quickly. But it's so pleasant catching up on reading my roster of blogs, listening to the peacock (yes, one of our neighbors keeps a peacock) calling from down the street, and thinking what a lovely day it is today.


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