Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Wore my new pink-striped shirt to work last week and received four compliments in the first three hours of the day. I painted my nails pink yesterday. Cut three bouquets of the pink roses. Bought some oilcloth for a lunch bag project in, you guessed it, pink. Am I becoming a girly-girl?

And, I've been listening to music in my car rather than the many NPR spoken-word shows I love so much. I think I just need a break from the usual me-ness.


Was exchanging nuptial dirt with another affianced gal in the gym last Friday morning (yes, even our fellow females in the locker room were amused by our undressed sweaty bridal blabbing). She had decided to have her gown made from scratch, and told me that bride-appropriate trim gold could be struck, in, of all places, Napa. Eat a good breakfast, she said, bring water, and be prepared to spend hours going through the goods. In my mind, I envisioned M&J Trimmings, my New York trimming store haunt--a cavernous establishment crammed to the rafters with aisles and aisles of braid, lace, rickrack, tassels, pompoms, and boxes and boxes of buttons, including some that obviously hadn't been opened since 1965, where you had to leave bread crumbs to remember where you found it, staffed by strictly Orthodox elderly Jewish men who would ask you to leave if weren't dressed modestly.

I couldn't resist going the very next day on my gown trimming mission. I didn't think I would find the same staff as M&J of course, but I was disappointed with the selection at the Napa establishment, and it was my own fault. It was a perfectly nice store, with an ancient proprietress who looked like she could've opened the place around the time of the gold rush. She did carry good stock, considering it wasn't M&J, and there was quite a variety. But not what I was looking for.

But there was no way in hell I was driving an hour to Napa and an hour back empty-handed. So I picked up a yard of the aforementioned pink oilcloth and adopted the remains of a bolt of gorgeous apple green wool that I couldn't bear to see in the sale area. I was thinking I'd make a handbag with it, but when I got it home I realized it's almost enough for a throw--which means it will very likely sit in my closet for a few year since I don't want to do the wrong thing with such a fine fabric. Then I wandered down the street to a kitchen store and found a silicone barbecue brush for M. More wandering revealed the door to a scantily-stocked watch shop, and I had a battery replaced in a watch I haven't worn in years due to sheer laziness of not replacing the battery. And then I drove home, wedding high a bit deflated.

This whole wedding thing is definitely putting my shopping mettle to the test. Well, better get a good night's sleep--it's off to the kingdom of Ikea for me tomorrow.


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