Sunday, June 12, 2005

Getting in Touch with My Inner Drunken Sailor

So I'm recovering today. No, not from emptying a bottle, but from emptying my wallet. My shopping trips were just a little too successful after I left Julia at the Box yesterday, so I'm experiencing a spending hangover. My bathing suit is cute, but did I really need that tank top, blue shorts that look an awful lot like a pair I already have, cheap sunglasses--and on and on? I did get a new chicken grilling rack for M, and something he's wanted for a while: a cordless grill lamp. Guess we could've dug out the camping lamps, but this one clips on to the cooker. Yeah, gotta have that.

Another beautiful day in paradise. Music from the Health & Harmony Festival at the fairgrounds drifts around the deck. Yep, it's as tie-dye as it sounds. When I took Rex for a walk in the field that serves as the parking lot for the fair, several vehicles that seemed to have survived from the Age of Aquarius were still parked under the trees.

Scenes from a dog walk:

This was set up recently by the ditch that bisects the field. Evidence of aliens?

Cat Lineup
Some call it progress, but this sight kinda depresses me.

What the cats have wrought. Ripped up the field to replace it with a housing development perversely called "The Grasslands."

Ker Plunk
Ker Plunk: A company with a sense of humor...

Development Sculpture
This sculpture (I think this is art) was just recently erected. Wish I knew more about it.

Time to caulk the bathroom backsplash...


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