Friday, June 10, 2005

More Signs of the Apocalypse

It rained here two days ago. Poured. The oenophiles are freaking.

I ignored back issues of "The New Yorker" at the gym's magazine exchange this morning, opting for "Glamour" instead.


At the expense of sleep, we made good progress on the bathroom last night. The sink sphinx must've revealed the riddle of the drain to M--after days of profound frustration, he was able to install the trap without incident. We hung the many-mirrored medicine cabinet (for better or for worse, you can see yourself reflected on both sides of the door, in the back of the cabinet, *and* on both sides!). We have some finishing to do, and a solution for the shower curtain to arrive at, but it's looking great. And we have another sink! Why oh why didn't I take pix?


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