Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Organize

Really, the one wedding thing I'm dreading--aside from the possibility of a heatwave--is my inability to be the gracious center of attention for an extended period of time. Usually my limit is about three minutes, so the idea of donning that princess (or in my case, aging dame) mantle for three days is already exhausting me.

Got a lot of confirming to do today, and shopping if I can. On Monday night I spent some time breaking down my To Do list into smaller chunks, like Do and Buy, lists of things to bring to various venues. As I was tossing and turning in bed this morning, I imagined myself decked out in my gown, ready to start the ceremony, but compulsively going through the green wedding binder, checking off guests, tasks, timeline...ah, the Virgo is in her element these days. Well, I was also visualizing myself Calmly and Collectedly making my way down The Aisle. I'm using positive visualization as a crutch pretty extensively these days.


Speaking of Virgo: An insert from a gift of Virgo soap ("Soular Therapy--The collection you were born to experience.") given to me quite a while ago that I'm finally just now getting around to using--I have a thing about not using "good" soap. Whatever.)

Color: Blue
Emanates purism and refinement
Affirmation: "I attend"
Inspiration: Analytical thought and physical purity
Element: Earth, grounded and controlled
Ruling body: Mercury
Stone: Sapphire
Essential Oils: Clary sage and wintergreen

"I attend"? That's it, I just show up? Sheesh. Maybe it's meant in the "I pay attention" vein. M's affirmation is "I master" at least. Though we know who really wears the pants in the family.


We watched Team America last night. Pretty funny if you care for the Stone/Parker productions, and I do on a limited basis. Just as Orgazmo made fun of both the porn industry and the Mormons, "Team America" was a savvy send-up of both low-brow Red State "patriotism" and knee-jerky Hollywood lefties. And since this wasn't the theatrical release version, we were treated to the puppet sex scene, woo! The bonus material has some great info about the puppetry production. Brought me back to days of The Thunderbirds.

OK, off to the list mines...


At 7:46 PM, June 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a "sister" Virgo having being accused negatively of being, at times, too "anal," I definitely feel "I attend," is the positive side: we pay attention to details, to people, to feelings, etc., etc. Which is probably why you're reluctant to be a are thinking of details, of people, of feelings, etc., etc. Enjoy your day!


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