Sunday, June 19, 2005

Welcome Back to the Wedding Channel

Well, in less than a week, I'll be a missus again.

Mom came down Tuesday night and we had a lovely birthday grillfest in her honor. Wednesday morning we visited the seamstress to pick up the gown. It fits beautifully now, and the slip really does help with the line. M was off on his own errands, so we planned out the plan of attack for the trim while he was safely out of gown-gazing range. I had thought it would take me a couple of hours to finish the trim, but it ended up taking me five, count 'em five hours. I was multi-tasking, though--I listened to the playlist for the wedding, and did a little editing. I'm so very happy with the dress results--pretty unusual for a picky Virgo like me. It's something I sort of designed myself, which usually means disappointment--the end results of almost all of my crafty projects never quite live up to my vision. I was thinking how pleasant each part of a wedding can be individually--buying the costume, planning a party, planning a ritual, having family and friends together--but having it all mushed together can be so daunting.

Bridal Lunch
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Work was very busy last week, trying to get everything in order before leaving, which was not easy--lots of deadlines and the week before a conference is the always a bit frenzied. But my colleagues were very kind and took me out to a bridal lunch. I felt a bit like Sally Field: "They like me. The really like me!"

Lots of shopping these past few days, errands and calls, performed through the disconcerting atmosphere of rain and threatening clouds. It just felt like the wrong season. Today was a beautiful day. M came home from work a bit early, and has a few weeks away from work, so is relieved and happy. We finally unpacked and played with the photo printer that we bought for the wedding photo booth (that I still haven't quite worked out all the details for...) It's a pretty nice little toy. It was starting to rankle a little that all of my photos for the last few months have been digital. I like photos on paper. Now when I print out my monthly blog I can include a sheet of real photos, rather than funkly b&w versions on regular paper. The technology is so amazing these days, isn't it? Ungeeky people like me can have a full wedding album by the time the last bit of soggy cheesecake is swept off the reception floor.

Time to walk the mutt...


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