Saturday, October 08, 2005

Home for a Few Days

SFMoMA by night
Originally uploaded by suzipaw.
I came home last night and am nursing a conference hangover today. I hope my head clears in time for my next one. I realize that I'm also recovering from an incident that really shook me up, that I'll try to blog about later. I've checked my email (good thing I did, I had an important message I needed to forward to my CEO--sort of sad that I feel like I can't have a day completely to myself), paid bills, written a card to a friend in New Jersey who just had a baby, watered the plants--one homecoming joy: the dahlias and chocolate cosmos blooming away. It's noon. Fiona Ritchie has introduced "The Thistle and Shamrock." And now, I think I'll take the mutt and spend a few of these utterly glorious October hours at the beach to try to clear my head and soul.


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