Thursday, October 06, 2005

Out Conferencing

Northwest from the Argent Hotel
Originally uploaded by suzipaw.
I'm in San Francisco for a conference. I wasn't able to leave the hotel yesterday, but Tuesday night I walked down to the Ferry Building and had dinner at Taylor's Refresher. It's been busy, stressful (hence focusing on food, the familiar), made somewhat moreso by the realization that this time next week I'll be stumbling into Amsterdam. Yes, I'm lucky. Yes, Amsterdam is wonderful, but it's also work. OK, I'll stop whining now. I think I just need to breathe some non-hotel air. Behold more pix:

Murray and llama
M at the Harvest Fair, a pleasant distant memory...

Felicia and Courtney

My brother sent this way cute pic of my niece and her best friend.


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