Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yet Again, I'm Not Ready

Nope, I'm just not mentally ready for Amsterdam. Yeah, boohoo, baby, I know. I kept looking over my eticket, making sure I hadn't booked the wrong flight and really and truly am flying out tomorrow before the crack of dawn. The bed is barely packed (my ritual is to lay everything out on the bed, review, edit, then stuff into luggage). My cold is making me feel crappy, and interfered with my last minute shopping joy. No, not even buying pink cashmere-rich socks could lift my spirits. Well, ok, more memory for my digital camera was a brief high--now I can snap up to 420 pix, woo!

But I already miss M. I miss spooning Rex. What if I can't shake my cold and jet lag hangs on for days?

OK, focus on Florence...focus. That's better. I know I'm supposed to be all tingly about the art, architecture, history, but all I can think about is the food. I may even have mac-n-cheese tonight, just to make the delineation of the pasta experience even more acute when I finally get there. My only worry at this point? I won't be chic enough for Italy, particularly in the area of footwear. And while I realize that Florence is renown for it's fine leather, which would probably translate into really excellent shoes (ooh, ooh, like the pair Kate Hepburn bought during her visit to Venice in Summertime!), I fear my vegetarian guilt would prevent me from acquiring a pair.


My Life's Minutiae: I watched the first four episodes of Colonial House this week. And while I mostly enjoyed it, it was more about the people trying to get along with each other and live their 21st Century lives in period garb rather than knuckle down under custom and law from the 1680s. I also watched the first half of the version of Pride and Prejudice featuring Colin Firth--most excellent. While I was in SF last week, I caught the last 10 minutes of My Super Sweet Sixteen--my goodness, nothing sweet about that girl, I tell you what! What will Dutch TV be like, I wonder?

What else? The beach was lovely.

Rex on the Beach

M and I went out to dinner Saturday night, and had to drive through That Intersection, the place that nearly changed the course of my life. (Note passive voice--no, I had nothing to do with it, oh no!) Which was a good thing, to have absolutely nothing happen--possibly because *I* wasn't driving. Ahem.

Maybe part of why I'm feeling a bit uneasy is that I haven't exercised much in the last couple of weeks. I did go to the gym on Tuesday, but the teacher was sick, too. And I'm a class kinda gal--I just can't do the machines, so I just showered and got to work early. Hardly the endorphin-producing experience I needed.

The Petaluma Writers Group celebrates its second anniversary this week. Go, Julia! Go, Rebecca! I'm humbled and honored that I'm a member of their writer tribe.


OK, enough of this bloggygagging--time to pack...


At 11:38 PM, October 12, 2005, Blogger Rebecca said...

Bon, bon voyage!! I hope you feel better, pack in time, have safe travels, and thoroughly enjoy your trip. I'm glad you went through the intersection again - like getting back on the horse - and I'd say don't sweat the not-working-out-much thing. Think of all the walking (in your chic-ly practical shoes) you'll be doing in Italia. Wave to David and have a gelato for me!


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