Sunday, March 12, 2006

Life Resumes

At least, I hope it does. Homecoming Thursday night was a distinct pleasure. I successfully avoided coworkers coming home on the same flight from San Diego--it added perhaps an hour or more to my journey but I was blissfully alone. Or did they avoid me? Anyway. Friday I reconnected with the cats, dogs, M, my own bed. M and I did our taxes; I crafted; slept. We went to a dinner party at one of his old car sales buddies' place, which was very pleasant. Not too many people and all were very nice. Delish food. Had a little too much wine so Saturday was not particularly productive, but the "enforced" sloth felt restorative. Witness the tote bag I finished today:

To the left: before felting. To the right, after felting. It's very small, so it can hardly be called a "tote bag," but the main thing is that I persevered and finished it. I'm tired of having unfinished projects cluttering my craft room and consciousness.


We watched the Fog of War this weekend. I have a much different--much more positive--view of Robert Strange McNamara, but the juxtaposition of his quoting poetry and emotional sensitivity to certain events while describing his role of basically being a war casualty statistician is depressing and chilling.


A busy week ahead: writers group tomorrow, ushering a piano trio Tuesday night, a return to the pleasantness of Thai food and sewing class routine on Wednesday, Friday back to the theater to usher a performance by George Lopez, then back again Sunday to usher a children's show. M leaves Friday morning for a visit to SoCal--his best friend is moving his business to a new location and marking the location with a big party. M is apparently in charge of grilling the pineapple, among other things, and won't return until Monday. Rex (and I) will be desolate.


Looking forward to: camping this August during M's summer break. And exploring more music. I'm doing pretty well on that 2006 resolution. I have a "radio station" that I listened to today while crafting and I've spent more money on CDs in the last three months than I have in the last three years. I also realized today that I've spent more time ironing in the last month than I have in the last six years…Which isn't saying much in either case.


During our conference, I did witness a demo of a Gocco printer, which I've been coveting for some time. Its applications are limited, but it seems like it could be such fun--I'm thinking of FSM artwork in particular. Wish I had thought of the Gocco for our wedding invitations, but maybe it's just as well.


At 2:20 PM, March 14, 2006, Blogger Nancy said...

I love that bag! I can't tell from the picture exactly what felting means, so will you explain?

At 6:50 PM, March 14, 2006, Anonymous Kamala said...

Hi, Suzanne-I don't know if you like it when people comment-I don't mean that, I'm sure you probably like it. I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog all the time. And I have not been invited to myspace! So if you detect dngerous behaviour, let me know. Actually I'm kidding-she's 18, not much I can do. I'm not that worried-she's very together.

At 3:18 PM, March 18, 2006, Blogger suzanne said...

Felting is the process of turning knitted wool (untreated) into felt. It's how they make boiled wool sweaters and what happens to that nice merino sweater that you accidental wash. Basically, wool has little hooks in the fiber--exposed to hot water and agitation, the wool shrinks about a third and the hooks link, creating a fabric--all the loops of knitting contract and disappear. In my little tote's case, I washed it a little too long and it shrank a bit more than I wanted, but oh well...Here's more info at


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