Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Sunday

It's one of those days--I feel guilty living the life I do. After weeks of dreary weather, the sun embraced the sky uninterrupted all day. We had breakfast on the deck after a delicious sleep-in til nearly 9:00 a.m. Pure luxury! Then M drug his books and snacks off to the library and left me to my own sun-filled devices: pruning the roses, working on a God essay, reading email, painting my nails (red), sitting outside for almost an hour watching Rex performing his sun sauna ablutions--nap on one side in the sun, turn over, nap in the shade, turn over, repeat. The neighbors watching Superbowl XL drove me inside--ah the joy of suburban life. The stench of their noxious charcoal starter fluid adds to that joy.

It's amazing, though, that I feel like I still don't have enough time. I wanted to knit and try a warm-up sewing project before my sewing class starts on Wednesday evening, but I just couldn't seem to get to it. I'll blame the sun. Well, there are still a few hours left in this Sunday…

No big news to report. I did make plans to visit Grandma in Washington in April, and I'm taking my 16-year-old niece. I'm really looking forward to that trip. M and I met up with some of his law school friends Friday night to see a live comedy show. Not enough people in the audience, but luckily a hearty laugher in attendance seeded our merriment and it turned out to be a very good show. I completed my first week of the new schedule, working on Wednesday, but coming an hour later and leaving an hour earlier. It will take some getting used to. I love commuting in the daylight, but traffic is worse. And the rhythm of both my work and home time has changed. I'm used to just being able to feed myself and the animals, maybe squeeze in a chore before tumbling into bed after work--now I have a bit more time, and should use it wisely.


At 5:07 PM, February 10, 2006, Blogger Brenda said...

Reading your McCalls Sewing book quotes makes me realize one of the reasons why I was so ripe for commune life.


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