Saturday, February 25, 2006


[I thought I posted this on Saturday, but apparently didn't...]

Cat on lap? Check. Laptop on lap? Check. Latte within easy reach? Check. All blogging systems go.

And so many things have come together to check off the boxes for a good weekend ahead. Sky is clear, daffodils smiling from their vase, Saturday and Sunday stretching before me with nary a plan but to meet the writing gals for a jot down tomorrow morning. Shall I knit on the tote bag project or hem my pants? Or both? I should tackle a few household chores, but I'm thinking of proposing something wild and crazy to M--that we go to the beach. I have a hankering to hear the wave and smell the salt, and rain is apparently on the way tomorrow.


Need a tear or two of joy? Watch this broadcast of a high school basketball game.


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