Monday, March 20, 2006

Reports from the Field

Today's post come to you from my husband and my brother:

M (who will be home in just hours, oh joy!) was in SoCal over the weekend. His best friend Eric has a Harley performance shop, doing so gangbusters that they moved around the corner to a bigger space. They marked the occasion with a bash. Wrote M on Saturday:

It's almost seven. What a day it has been. The weather ended up being perfect of course. I started grillin good stuff around ten thirty this morning. Did a grill basket of shrimp to start, then ribs, pork, chicken, then 20 pounds of sirloin. By 1:30 all of that was gone along with 2 10 pound bags of bratwurst, Eric went next door and bought 60 pounds more of sirloin and 100 hotlinks, I had forty pounds of beef cooking all at once.

It was so much fun!

Heath's band got crankin around two and three kegs were cached by then, we had to get more! There was about a hundred bikes and about four hundred people at the peak.

Eric's mom brought out 10 lbs of halibut and I kept cooking until about three thirty and then everything was starting to wrap up. I had to just go sit down for about an hour after all that.

Heath's band is absolutely incredible nowadays. We should make a point to go see them they should be in Frisco in april.

I think the best part for me was doing something so much fun and all consuming for a few hours and NOT thinking about school for that period of time.

I feel more tired now than I did yesterday even though I actually got a good night's sleep.

He apparently disregarded my advice to audion for Deal or No Deal. I'm sure he'll regret it.

My brother also had a good weekend:

Hi Sis,
Felicia is a very beautiful lady and a wonderful daughter--I'm blessed. She and her friends had their pre-prom dinner at home and they grandly posed for the cameras as all 12 parents took pictures. Then came back for a post-prom-party-sleepover! It was a lot fun!!

[Felicia was elected a Prom Princess too boot, notes her proud Auntie!]


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