Friday, May 19, 2006

Not Enough Foxy Floating Around

But the 70's are still engulfing me. I bought some button-fly jeans last weekend, ripped out the hems, and am toying with the idea of embroidering them with poodles from an embroidery design transfers book I picked up at the library sale a few weeks ago. And yes, that is a macrame book in the photo. It's the second in my craft library, if you must know.


Thanks to BoingBoing, I've had a happy video-watching morning:

Ten Things I Hate about Commandments

Sita Sings the Blues in The Battle of Lanka

Love Is All


Not finding much time to write essays or blog posts. Sigh. But my first purse is almost done. My rose bushes and irises are petalicious. Last weekend, M and I brought down the lounge chairs from the rafters and sat in them, staring, dog on lap, for nearly an hour. Just watching the birds going about their business, grasses waving. It just seemed like the only thing to do at the time, but I have been feeling a little guilty about it. Gotta get over that.


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