Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Birthday, Horoscopes, and Misc.

Pointy Bday Party
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Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

And the best part--we all were able to enjoy excellent chocolate desserts together. I adore my Pointy Sisters.


I've uploaded more camping photos.


I'm sensing a trend in my horoscope. Here's last week's:

Philosopher George Gurdjieff declared that most of us are essentially asleep, even as we walk around in broad daylight. He said that in order to wake up and stay awake we need regular shocks. Some of these are uncomfortable, forcing us to face our own stupidity. But other shocks are delightful. I believe that in the coming weeks you'll be offered a steady supply of the latter.

And tonight's:

Be inspired by researchers who want to carefully explore the therapeutic benefits of altering consciousness, Virgo. What taboo is it high time for you to break in a discerning way? What inhibition no longer serves you, even though at one time it might have kept you safe and sane? What conventional wisdom based on fear has infected you, preventing you from experimenting with exciting possibilities?

Good questions, those. We Virgos need to loosen up wisely regularly, but I often forget. I'm looking forward to my shocking taboos, though this week's horoscope requires thought, if not downright action, and I'm feeling so distracted. Work has once again been conspiring to crush my creativity since I got back from vacation, but I'm thinking the Labor Day weekend will be the time to reconnect with the muse. Three days to work on prying out embedded taboos.


Final thoughts before book and bed:

My renewed passport arrived in the mail last weekend, yay! I was worried that it wouldn't come in time for my trip, and I really had no plan B for that one.

M has interviewed and will hopefully be starting a new job before the month is out. It's back to sales, but not car sales, thank goodness, and no working on weekends, praise the FSM!

Speaking of FSM, His Noodly Gospel has been published!

This just in from my boss: The Infinite Cat Project.


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