Monday, August 07, 2006

Viva Flamenco

My stepmom is making the rounds of the blogosphere! She was recently featured with her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter-in-law on the DC Flamenco blog. I bet that was a fun evening. I've only had one sangria-soaked night of flamenco in my life, years ago in NY, and it was fabulous. During my trip to Portland, my cousin's wife had just started taking flamenco dance lessons, and described the complicated relationship between the singer, dancer, and guitarist. I have much to learn.


Getting ready for camping. M and I embarked on some serious comparison shopping and bought a new cooler chest over the weekend. Thinking about menus, which is always a challenge for my family. We keep trying to one-up each other with the meals while professing simplicity. "Oh sure, rotating the Dutch oven every twenty minutes one way while rotating the lid the other way every ten minutes is so convenient! And mmm, isn't this cake with the blackened bottom soooo good? Must be the fresh air!"

My cousin loaned me Julie and Julia. I'm saving it for the hammock under the trees by the lake with the view of my dust-crusted feet. About as appetizing as the recipe for calves brain that I know will surely come, but relaxing nonetheless.


I was invited to a tea party last Saturday. In addition to the delightful food that was promised, there was also an activity: decorating hats. I lived in fear for several days that the hats would be red (um, no, I will not go gently into that good night, sorry!) but they were not. Though they were apparently for decoration only--the crowns were so small that they didn't actually fit a human head--but can I say how thrilled I was that I was even invited?


What else?

M is studying for finals.

I'm still behind on my correspondence and returning phone calls. And Flying Spaghetti Monster help me, I didn't get a birthday gift to one of my nephews on time. I can't even keep up with being the distant auntie! I constantly remind myself that asking for help is not the same as complaining, though discerning friends and colleagues indulge me.

The county fair ends tomorrow, not a moment too soon. Yes, I support and enjoy it, despite the dust and noise and traffic jams coming home, but being awakened Sunday morning at 6:30 by some sort of announcement over the stable loudspeaker was just the last straw.

Did I mention a friend got us tix for Tom Petty at the Greek? Yes, I am An American Girl!


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