Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Of Pirates and Party Guests

Like all good practicing Pastafarians, we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean--Dead Man's Chest on opening weekend. M felt strongly that we should tithe the commercial powers that be for promoting pirates. We chose the matinee that afforded us maximum time in the air conditioning, but that show was sold out and we had to buy tickets for the next show, more than an hour later. It was a little crazy though, in this day and age. What the hell were we doing queuing up and just standing there with strangers with the sole purpose of getting good seats? If we just waited a week, we could have great seats with no waiting at any time of day. I adore Johnny D., the special effects were amazing, but it was only an adequate diversion. I think that if my expectations were a tad lower, it would've been a better experience.


Kids these days: I was sitting at the kitchen table last night knitting an attached I-cord border to my potholder (sounds complicated, huh? But oh, it's just a potholder, and I have a habit of spending hours on a project only to screw it up royally at the very end), when M came home, reached into his pocket, and handed me a envelope. His name was scrawled on the face in pencil, a child's hand, complete with a reversed u. It was a thank-you note from one of our party guests, written on my favorite stationery, pulp lined with the blue roadways of letter guides.

Rayna's thank you note
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On one side, a row of smiling people on our deck with a lower border of trees and on the other side, this note, petite pink and purple crayone clouds and hearts at the top:

Dear Murray and Suzanne Thank yoj for invitins us to your party I had a nice time I livved drawng a rtl table love Rayna

How incredibly cute and sweet is that? It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Rayna's a's have lovely curled tails like little leaden cowlicks twirling off the page.

That's the kind of thing that inspires me to throw another party…


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