Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Word and a "Wonderful Life"

I just heard the origin of the word "lobbyist," again courtesy of NPR. Apparently, First Lady Grant didn't like Ulysses drinking at home, so he drank at the Willard Hotel. This penchant was common knowledge, so people who wanted to get his attention hung out in the Willard lobby. And here I thought it was a tennis-y term--lobbing proposals (and money) to politicians over and over…


Did I tell you that I managed to watch the first half of "It's a Wonderful Life" while I was at my mother-in-law's? I did, and loved it as I thought I would. But then a family friend came over, just at the point where old man Potter stole the money from Uncle Billy while Billy was boasting about in the bank about brother Harry's exploits in the war. Rats! But that just steeled my resolve to get a copy of my own--and tonight I did! So no more roadblocks this December--I'll dance by the light of the moon any time I want.


Well, getting late, and in the spirit of life balance, now that I've knocked out a few dozen of the hundreds of emails in my work in-box (aw, don't you feel sorry for me?), I need to write a few personal emails and knit a little before bed, as well as fit in a little pillow talk with my hub. (We've designated Friday night as Date Night! That makes me happy--striking a definitive blow for balance.)


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