Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Sunday Morning

It was beautiful yesterday--after what has seemed like weeks of gray, we had blue skies and warm sunshine. I met the writers group gals at our usual spot for a brief but good writing session (I worked--but I interviewed a really good candidate Friday evening, so I'm hoping hoping hoping the weekends of working will be short-lived), then came home to M, who wasn't able to study much yesterday. Grades from last semester were due in mailboxes, so he came home early to check. And he did very well. It's just midterm grades, so they don't count as much as the finals will, but still, very encouraging. We took the dog for a walk up the hill to the water tower, admiring a fair amount of both buck and coyote scat on the road, and on the way back down, we saw two coyotes! My first sighting ever. We hear them occasionally at night, which gets Rex very worked up. We celebrated M's birthday last night. We drove up to Healdsburg, had a drink and watched some of the Patriot's game at a bar and then went to our favorite restaurant, the Charcuterie. We didn't have reservations so had to sit at the counter again, but I actually like that best. The food was very good though a bit too much cheese on my vegetable crepes and after the baked brie appetizer, woo--I'm feeling a bit of a "fat hangover" today. My flight of wines was delicious (Thumbprint Cellars, the pinot was particularly tasty), and it was nice just feeling like we were treating ourselves a bit.

Today is quiet, studying for M, errands, chores, more work, knitting, and reading--I'm getting to the climax of the last Harry Potter book and it's hard to put down. I'm also going to roast up the last of the plump pecans from the Axtells of Chico--boy they had a good crop this year.


At 4:48 PM, January 13, 2008, Blogger Kamala! said...

Murray-Happy Birthday and congrats on your midterm grades! Also, go Patriots!!


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