Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mom on potting

You can see why I hung on to a few pieces.

(You can also see why I need a video camera. I shot this with my Mac and the quality is not so good!)


At 7:04 PM, December 02, 2007, Blogger elm said...

Fantastic, I love her, I love the work. incredible. A.J.

At 5:34 AM, December 03, 2007, Blogger K2 said...

Gosh, I didn't know I missed you so much, A.B.

At 4:05 PM, December 03, 2007, Blogger Kamala! said...

Great presentation! Love the glazes as well as the shapes-wish I could buy from you for the holidays. Can hardly wait to see you and your work this summer.


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