Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Ambitious Weekend Underway

I'm at the Applebox with M and the Pointy Pals. Another unseasonably warm and glorious fall day, a full to-do list tucked into my purse:

Clean garage. Or at least get started.
Books back to the library (done!)
Outdoor furniture
Character study (excellent progress!)
Chapter outline (excellent progress!)
Glass cut for fusing class
Decorations for Halloween party
Costume for said party
Research air travel for WA trip (in progress)

It's been more than just an ambitious weekend I've been planning, I'm also digging into my November. Perhaps you may have noticed the new widget on the right column for NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month. I decided to do it. Not to read a novel in a month or merely start to write a novel--nay to start and finish one (or at least get a minimum of 50,000 words into it). In a month. Specifically the month of November. So the blogging might be spotty for the next few weeks. Er, spottier. One of the tactics the NNWM folks recommend to keep you going is to tell everyone you know that you're doing it, so feel free to guilt/encourage me starting November 1. What will my novel be about, you ask? All I'll say is, I am indeed starting small and penning a romance!

More plans: Our department is hosting a company-wide Halloween party, so I'm helping to cook, decorate, and I'm coming in costume (a toga at this point). I've also decided that I'd like to felt up a bunch of coffee cup cuffs and little device cozies to sell at the company craft fair that I'm hopefully organizing the first week of December. Hm, maybe hair bands and barrettes. The felting world is my oyster! And I'm taking that glass fusing class on Saturdays in November--I figured I'd need a break from the computer screen. All this right before I go up to visit Grandma with Felicia, which will be right after coming back from Thanksgiving up on the coast where I'll be cooking, beaching, and of course working on my novel.

But if you think that's ambitious, hah! I've also added a new link to the right, to Rebecca's newest blog, Nephro-Notes. She's hoping to become a kidney donor for a friend of hers at work, and this is the journal of her experiences. I so admire her for doing it and glad for the window into the process.

BTW, the garden party in the City last Saturday was great fun. The weather pleasant, the food tasty, the people interesting, easy to talk to, tattooed, and questionably gendered. Liz and I shopped at fab thrift store before heading back. There was a soap box derby happening in a park nearby so BART was a madhouse. Ah, urban life!

Bar exam results in slightly less than four weeks, people. Clouds are massing on the hilltops…


At 7:10 PM, October 25, 2008, Blogger Michelle said...

What a fun writing challenge! I'll be rooting for you!

At 7:16 AM, October 26, 2008, Blogger bren said...

Wow, my dear, without a doubt, you have the good life!

At 7:38 PM, October 28, 2008, Blogger Nancy said...

Good luck with that novel!


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