Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day--Happy!

I actually spent a few hours with Mom today. She came down on Friday, mostly to start shopping for paint, carpet, and furniture for the long overdue TV room remodel. It was fun helping her with that--we spent time visiting furniture stores on Saturday with a brief stop at Home Depot for a fistful of paint chips.

After lunch, we took a break from shopping and went to the junior college to see "Jesus Christ Superstar." Very good production values and a decent cast--Jesus is a much more demanding singing role than I had remembered from when my ex was one of the apostles back in my JC (junior college) days. It was a fun activity. I really like supporting our local thespians. "Company" and "Hairspray" are coming up. "Company" is on my Netflix list, but maybe I'll take it off in anticipation of seeing it live, though it might be fun to compare productions.

Busy week at work last week, but I'm starting to feel a little more settled in my new space. I had been asked to give a presentation on what goes into putting on a conference a few weeks ago, and that finally happened on Wednesday. I had spent quite a bit of time on my slides and I think it turned out well. Everyone was very supportive, so I didn't feel too nervous. I certainly have a greater appreciation for what speakers go through to put a good talk together, that's for sure. I subjected M to a rehearsal and he commented that he was glad he didn't have my job.

The change in my gym classes had been a little uninspiring, and that combined with so much travel lately has meant I haven't exercised much. A friend at work mentioned that she takes her dogs for a walk first thing in the morning, and I actually did that on Friday, semi-jogging during part of our wander in the field. It was nice being out early and the dogs were ecstatic of course. I did a few sit-ups when I got home just for good measure. I'm thinking I'll try this more often--I can get more sleep and vary the exercise routine, both things I need to do more of.

More travel is coming up, too. I have an overnight in San Francisco this week. I'll be going to a Google conference on Wednesday--apparently they throw a lavish show, so I'm excited to be going. On Thursday I have an all-day meeting in the City, so it will work out well to stay the night. And then I'm heading to Baltimore for a conference next weekend. I didn't think I'd be going, but plans have changed. I need to plan our camping trip or something with travel that not about work!


At 4:47 PM, May 08, 2011, Blogger Kamala! said...

Wow-good job on the talk! You and Kalyani are on a roll!
I love JCSS-Stratford is doing it this summer and I am seeing it twice. Saw Company on Broadway w/ a good cast, but I'm just not a Sondheim fan.

At 8:35 AM, May 09, 2011, Blogger Brenda said...

We need a Happy Daughters Day since I have such a wonderful one. Thanks for shopping with me.
JCSS was a wonderful performance. I want to see HairSpray when it comes.

At 4:41 AM, May 11, 2011, Blogger K2 said...

Conratulations on giving the talk!

At 6:47 AM, May 11, 2011, Blogger suzanne said...

Back at ya, Kalyani!


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