Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy 2012

It's a new year. A dozen years since the 21st century began, and somehow those numbers seem significant, maybe because it's a little easier to keep track of how quickly time is passing by. I'm feeling a bit more urgency to make the right life decisions, impatience at things I think waste my time, desire for a higher level of happiness. At the Box yesterday, we Pointy Pals were talking New Year's resolutions, and "practicing happiness" was a clear winner. Understanding what makes me happy and embracing even small wonders is another exercise of mind I intend to grasp more fully. It's funny how sometimes I think that perfection is so huge and unattainable and yet can also be achieved simply by putting away the Christmas ornaments for another year or sweeping up the sawdust from the patio or just smiling at a stranger and seeing them smile back, a little surprised. Maybe it's practicing the present for its own sake, and not thinking so much about what was, wasn't, or might be. Unless, of course, one is blogging about the past and future, in which case it's completely unavoidable, ha ha.

Also during the Pointy Pal chat, I realized I still haven't settled on a midlife crisis. What shall I be in my next phase? Right now, letterpress operator is high on the list. I contacted a local printer right then and there, and I may tour the studio as early as tomorrow. Cheesemaker is also in the running--just this afternoon I joined a local artisan cheesemaking group, called the Wheyfinders, another ha ha. Suddenly my dance card is getting full. With activities that involve other people, gah! You know how I hate people. There's a knitting class I want to take, a couple of concerts to make plans for, all that woven around the work travel that's starting up. Oh, and I agreed to be a mentor as part of a startup incubator program! I'm very excited about that. I fell into the total female stereotype of asking myself, "Do they really want me? Am I really qualified?" (Which I quickly corrected to "Do I have the right expertise?") And even when I asked these questions of the program founder, he assured me I did. They wouldn't have asked me otherwise, right?

Midlife crisis suggestions welcome.

It's M's birthday today. He and I have both been feeling irrationally optimistic lately. We've talked about it and aren't sure why, but we're just going to ride it as long as it lasts. Happy new year to us, and to us all!

And happy birthday, Jay!


At 6:58 AM, January 10, 2012, Blogger Brenda said...

I feel 'happy' these days, too.


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