Thursday, April 19, 2012

Evidence of Adventures

Evidence of Adventures by suzipaw
Evidence of Adventures, a photo by suzipaw on Flickr.

This week has turned out to be a bit more, um, exciting than planned. I guess that's the nature of unplanned generally.

M's trip to southern California to see family and friends was cut short almost exactly between here and there. The motorcycle threw a rod or whatever bikes do to protest being revved at 80 mph down I5 for hours at a time, stranding M in the California heartland. He had to rent a truck (foreground of photo) to bring it home. We're both very sad. Bike prognosis is uncertain at a time when we should be contentedly anticipating exploration of a weekend as summer beckons from the edges of the hillsides and deep blue of the sky.

The house painting project has begun. We're in prelude stage: fixing up the exterior. I wasn't expecting it to be so severe, but apparently I'm the only one. In an unexpectedly pleasant glass-half-full scenario, the truck M rented to convey the bike will be pressed into service for a dump run and materials pick-up. So not all was lost there. Now we just have to choose the paint colors.

Earlier this week I had the dreaded procedure. It was...fine. A bit like a dream, I think back and wonder--were they really doing that to me? Thank goodness for modern chemistry producing amnesiacs and anesthetics. This was the last (for a while anyway) in a series of peers, pokes, prods, squeezes, scrapes, and sutures of my 50th year. I'm glad it's all over and even happier that my medical history remains unremarkable as one of the nurses at the endoscopy center noted. Bless medical professionals by the way. Everyone at the endo center was so matter-of-fact and did their best to make me comfortable and put me at my ease. As I waited for it to get underway, gazing at the gray walls never dappled by sunshine, overhearing the same questions repeated over and over through the curtains on either side of me, I was grateful that they treated me respectfully and as an individual. I suspect I'd feel my soul crushed in an environment like that if I had to be there day in and day out, even knowing that the work I was doing was potentially life saving.

Today I had another day of mentoring in the City. It was lovely. I hope I've helped them a little bit. I had dinner on the back deck, Roxy before me, relaxed but closely watching the yard. I love this time of year.


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How's the house painting coming?


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