Monday, November 08, 2004

Chez Moi

The correspondence excavation is completed, for now--it's fairly organized, packed up into plastic tubs and stashed in my craft room closet. I didn't really touch the photos, that's for another time. Though I should do it soon, before I forget too much more. Excavation trivia: My first correspondence dates from 1973, and my first real penpal was one of my cousins (see third paragraph). Hands-down winner of the most letters received? Dear ol' dad. Fewest letters: 1995--none, nada, zilch. Was it the rise of email? I packaged up some letters and pix for my ex-, which I just sent off--he'll probably enjoy the little time capsule as well.

It's wonderful to have my craft room back again. I really enjoy it when it's clean and organized. I don't spend nearly as much time in there as I should, or dreamed I would, years ago when I lived in New York and my "craft room" consisted of a few boxes of beads and valentine-making supplies. I do feel like the room is acquiring the right atmosphere. (I wanted to write "vibe," but I felt that was so airy-fairy--as if "atmosphere" is any better!) I'd like to erect some sort of altar to the muses, something to put me in touch with the ritual of creativity. Jeepers, talk about airy-fairy.

I spent most of yesterday working on a baby hat for Isaac and cleaning the house for my mom's and my aunt's arrival. I'm very excited about my aunt's visit. I miss her so much. When my cousin/her daughter was visiting last summer with her family, I wished I could live closer to that part of my family (they're near Rochester, NY). My cousin's children are so wonderful, and one even expressed the wish that I lived next door, which would also put me in close proximity to my aunt and uncle. I must admit, I've been indulging in fantasies of being the perfect auntie to the kids--they would come over and bake and knit, play with my pets, and generally keep me connected to the wonder of the next generation.

The one thing I'm not looking forward to: while I'm happier that my house is cleaner and we are making it a nicer space, whenever I anticipate guests, I'm also filled with a bit of dread. No, and not just because I'm an introvert, though that's part of it, I'm sure. It's just that there's no escaping that my house is very small and very poorly built. And frankly, I'm embarrassed by it. I don't have many friends over because of this, though the new deck is a big help. There's not enough room in my kitchen for more than three people to eat comfortably, and I HATE that! I've bitched about that before, sorry. The kitchen vinyl and countertops are scarred and ugly, the carpet is dirty again (I'm blaming all of the construction nearby for that), the doors are cheap, the walls are badly painted, the outer siding is hideous, every window has *two* sets, in some misguided attempt to make it more weatherproof. Oh well. The sad part is, home prices have gone up so much here that I wouldn't be able to afford our house if we were buying now. I should just shut up and love it, shouldn't I?

While cleaning the "master" bathroom yesterday (does a 5'x5' room qualify for the master moniker?), I also noticed how lumpy the floor was. It's been getting worse since we've moved in. It's desperately in need of a re-do--the thirty year old shower stall needs to be replaced, and all of the fixtures are bottom of the line Home Depot. So M and I resolved to spend our Xmas time off renovating the bathroom. I think we can do it, if I shop well in advance and we stay focused. And, biggest of all--if there aren't any unwelcome surprises waiting for us when we pull up the floor...

Wedding Plans Update: Looked through sample invitation books for an hour last Wednesday--nothing really caught my attention except prices. Don't think I'll be doing letterpress invitations as I'd hoped. Maybe I'll ask a colleague to whip me up a custom design...


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