Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Real Life ER

I'm sitting here in the hospital room next to mom, trying to relax a bit. She overdid it on her first lap with the walker, and the trip was just too much too soon. She had two nurses with her and made it back to her bed, but then passed out, and they had to "call the code." She's in a tiny room with one other patient, and I was pinned into a corner by her bed as five people rushed in with what I think was a crash cart. They were all calmly leaping into action, and I tried to remain calm as well while keeping out of the way, though there was nowhere to go. Mom was turning a little purple and almost convulsing. One of the nurses was rubbing her shoulers and sort of calling her back. And she did regain consciousness, in less than a minute, but I'm a little freaked out now (so hey, why not blog it?). A nurse drops by every few minutes to check in, and I'm keeping an eye on her breathing. Everything seems to be fine, but nothing like thinking you're going to witness your mom die to get the blood pumping. Should've brought more to snack on--I'm feeling a little faint myself now...



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