Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My View from Here

San Diego View
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I'm in Conferenceland. Daylight is a vague dream glimpsed from distant windows. People, people, and more people. I can feel the sharp sting of an enormous zit growing where my nose curves into nostril. I've horribly and painfully ripped off three fingernails, about par for the course. Two nights of fitful sleep (I had to change rooms Monday morning, it sounded like someone was running an industrial sewing machine outside my window all Sunday night.) Feet. Aching. I awoke puffy-eyed this morning from the tears I shed, against my will and better judgment, while watching "Nanny 911" and "Extreme Makeover" the night before. Oh yes, cutting the Cable was the right move, oh yes.

I'm staying hydrated at least. My big meeting responsibilities are now all behind me, so I can focus on the schmoozing and "matchmaking," the latter task one I actually enjoy. Professional, not personal. Please!

Missing my man and beasts terribly, but I'm at the halfway point, yippee!


I started "The Red Tent" while in SFO. I thought I had chosen "The Time Traveler's Wife," so imagine my surprise when I pulled the other book out of my bag. It was a gravelly beginning (not rocky, not smooth), but I'm feeling compelled to continue reading it.


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