Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Afternoon SmorgasBlog

Hallelujah, the PWG is back in action! Even though I had no new writing to bring, it was just exhilarating to meet with the gals again. We spent some time evaluating our group dynamics, wondering if we should be looking for new members, but decided that we three are the magic circle. I'm in the club! They like me, they really like me!


Talking about writing again last night made me think of advice I received from two of my poetry teachers that I still cherish:

From Dr. Richard Lee, Cal State Long Beach: "If you're not sure that something belongs in a poem, then it definitely doesn't."

From Galway Kinnell, NYU: "Even if you think you're done, keep writing, keep going."

I'm wondering how I can apply this advice to other parts of my life. What am I hanging on to that doesn't belong? What's something that I need to continue to explore?


In the gym today, I stepped next to a nice gal who is getting married tomorrow. And her dress isn't ready yet. She was keeping it together, all things considered, but see what happens when you don't make enough sacrifices to the Shopping Gods?

My uncle and step sis sent more wedding photos (thank you!!), so the portfolio expands. (Obvious evidence that the smile machine is in need of lube.) Are you hoarding any photos, Gentle Reader? If so, please send, begs the Narcissistic Bride.

And since Rebecca and Julia asked for more bride-y pix, particularly the last one (blame them if your delicate sensibilities are offended), below please find a few behind-the-scenes shots.

Hell no, I'm not nervous, hell no

Shoe shot
The Shoes

Last minute adjustments
Requisite and gratuitous underwear adjustment shot
(thanks for the lipstick fix, Liz!)


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