Monday, July 11, 2005

No Title Tonight

Well, I've done it--I've run out of Flickr bandwidth. So I've uploaded the last of the wedding photos for the month. Thanks to Aunt Janice, Uncle Lloyd, Judi (who also uploaded an excellent set!), Franklin, Liz, Julian and all the disposable camera photographers! Still hoping to get more, hint hint.

Here's one with my brothers/bridesmen I'm so sorry didn't quite turn out. I'm sure a little Photoshopping could get my eyes open.

I was trying to print some wedding photos for my grandma on the photo printer we bought for the wedding yesterday, and I couldn't get it to work. For an hour I tried, and it was supposed to be simple--there were so few choices on the various menus. I screamed, cursed so loudly I'm sure my neighbor doing yard work next door covered her daughter's ears--I was brought to tears by my printer. OK, there may have been a little PMS involved, but still, how lame is that? I got some advice from my IT guy at work today, but I'm going to stay away from it for a little while--want to make sure all impulses to smash its perky little screen and crush its cute little buttons have completely evaporated.


How Murried (haha) life has changed me:

- All Thai food is now eaten alone--my fault for putting that re-frozen shrimp bowl back in his lunch--and there are fewer bell peppers in my life
- I have a greater appreciation for motorcycles, hotrods, boating, garages, and salespeople
- I have become a dog person
- I left New York

Well, all of the above happened long before we married, but it's amazing how we change based on those we choose to have in our lives, isn't it? At least, I do.


It was an intense day at work today--it's 9pm and I'm tuckered out. Think I'll pack my gym bag for tomorrow and hit the hay.


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