Sunday, December 18, 2005

Avant Moi, Le Deluge

"What's she been up to?" you've wondered. Well, I'll tell you:

Watching the rain fall. Hard as if someone were standing on the roof with a firehose. It's been spectacular. Blown the grate off the drain. Dog and I tromped around in it too, and at least his coat is extra clean.

garden gnomes
Originally uploaded by suzipaw.

Admired the garden gnomes my friend brought to me this weekend as a wedding present.

Watched "Closer" with aforementioned gnome-bearing friend and wondered how the hell Clive Owen could be in such a stupendously bad movie. Oh, right, he was in "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead."

Ushered "The Nutcracker." Twice.

Started a sock. Well, one of a pair. One must think positively and have goals.

Wandered aimlessly in one of the two new Kohl's in our area. Was somewhat disappointed, but purchased socks. I'm on a sock kick these days.

Missed M, who as dutiful son went to visit family in Orange County yesterday. I'm already envious of his trip to Medieval Times that he'll be taking tomorrow.

Watched "Girl with a Pearl Earring." Much better than that other aforementioned movie. A refreshing lack of dialog and amazing number of scenes that look like Vermeer tableaux vivants. For hours. It was like being in a moving painting.

Started listening to "Desolation Island." Also enjoyed listening to the Wailin Jennys on "A Prairie Home Companion." Maybe I just need to be more sensitive and conscious of the music that does cross my path.

Trying hard to stay focused for the two more days of work ahead. I don't count Wednesday as a work day, even though I'll be with work colleagues, heading down to the City to scope out the hotel for our November conference. We'll be staying to do some shopping. Am I insane for shopping in Union Square four days before Christmas? Possibly, quite possibly.

Successfully avoided working on Christmas cards. Sorry, honey, I'll do them tomorrow night, I promise. Can we drive around and look at Christmas lights when you come home?


At 10:31 AM, December 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so touched the gnomes -- Posie and Winklewisp -- made the Blog -- which I am now starting to read on a regular basis.


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