Saturday, December 10, 2005

More Misc.

Spontaneous fun: My birthday friend decided to have cake and champagne and friends over last night, so I carpooled with a pal down to Berkeley on the spur of the moment last night. Well, it wasn't a moment, it was actually several hours notice, but that's *like* a moment for Me the Planner. It was a small gathering, thank goodness, you know how awkward I am in large gatherings. And thank goodness my friend drove most of the way. Driving in traffic at night is still a bit stressful for me. We laughed as we drove home that we were getting home so late, after midnight--when did midnight become "late"?


Afghanistan portraits from my friend Ben.


I spent five hours shopping for Xmas gifts today (and only brought home one thing for myself, a record I think! Though a Liz Claiborne suit for work isn't really a me-gift, is it?). I tried so hard to ignore the legions of wailing children and angry people in line, and be gracious with fellow shoppers. I let a trio of intergenerational guys cut in line in front of me while at Target to help build up some good Xmas karma. Oh wait, I don't believe in karma. Right. Came home, put up some lights and a wreath. Increments of festivity are building. I'm getting there, slowly. But like my house, so far it's all external. I'm hoping that the lights and warmth and spirit will find its way inside real soon. Oh wait, I don't believe in spirit. Well, whatever that warm feeling is. You know, goodwill towards men.


Got more pics from sis-in-law. Posted 'em.


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