Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I watched Mad Hot Ballroom last night--such growing-up nostalgia sprinkled with a little heartache. Ah, to be so young. The trepidation and excitement of trying new things, attempting to make your way gracefully into the adult world, all the paths still untrodden before you. Some of the children were so articulate about their dreams and plans, and what they got out of the dance classes and competition. And I loved seeing the teacher-pupil relationship--one adult in particular was prone to tears, and it was so sweet.

I had similar moment while in Berkeley with friends last weekend. We went to see "Noises Off" by a community theater company that must've been working with a local high school. While waiting in line to pick up our tickets, a duet of teen girls grew to a giggly cluster that managed to be simultaneous super conscious of themselves and yet also blissfully unaware of how *adults* might seem them--it was all about their peers and friends. I caught the eye of another woman also observing them and we smiled together. I don't think I could bear to be 14 again, but to be free of the responsibilities of 'dulthood, just for a little while, was a happy thought the girls inspired.

(The play was just wonderful, and one of my New Year's resolutions will be to see more live theater. Are you working on your resolutions?)


Hebdomas Horribilis Update: The freeway pile-up was officially declared Not My Fault, so my deductible was reimbursed and gratefully swallowed by the ATM machine almost as soon as it arrived. The Goose's insurance paperwork is all tidy, and I received the pink slip in the mail today. All that's left is to sign the insurance waiver that I won't sue for more. We went for an appointment with the surgeon this morning, and to our relief, he did not recommend surgery, but a keep to change of diet and stay the high-fiber course. M still has to have a barium "study" you-know-where--I'll try to get pix and post 'em if I can. Something for you to look forward to!

So all's well that ends well for this little chapter of our lives.


Time for bed, but M is talking to himself, reading his flashcards aloud. He has his first midterm tomorrow and is nervous...

I leave you with a photo of my great grandpa, taken in 95 years ago. I am so grateful to my grandma and uncle for preserving and sharing the family photos and history!

Great Grandpa


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