Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vacation Continues

Christin as Beer Wench
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M returned home from his visit south a week ago. His little sis is a beer wench at Medieval Times. I was sorry I missed that experience.

It's been an amazing time away from work. I've checked my work email only once. I've slept for eight hours a night for several nights in a row now, what a strange feeling. I've eschewed the gym, eaten many cookies, and swilled a fair amount of booze, not the best combination, I know. I watched one of my favorite movies ever, "The Quiet Man." I met with my writer's group and shared writing (an essay on God) for the first time in months. Except for Christmas Eve Day and today, the rain hasn't stopped. On Christmas Day, we didn't hurry to do anything, went out to breakfast at noon and then to a movie (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). On Monday we went up to my mom's and met up with my younger brother and his family, minus my niece who is now a wage slave plus my sister-in-law's five year old nephew. A wonderful, sodden time was had by all (M and I took a long walk in the driving rain on our favorite beach and were treated to spectacular waves and the speculation of seals poking their heads up from the swirling sea soup), punctuated by lolls by the fire, fat laden meals, and Lego building. I've done a few productive chores today. M has had to fast in preparation for his barium treatment tomorrow and isn't feeling so well. Rex is despondent at being back home, despite the prime rib trimmings he's been given to snack on.

I could get used to not working.

Rex on the mushroom trail.


At 7:27 PM, December 29, 2005, Blogger Rebecca said...

Good luck tomorrow to M!
And thanks for letting those of us who didn't have that many days off live vicariously. -rbp


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