Monday, May 22, 2006

What's New? Oh, My Husband Is Suing the President

Just in case they weren't tapping our phone before (I knew there was a good reason why I have a severe case of phone phobia), M has just filed a writ of mandamus, charging our commander in chief with violating the Fourth Amendment by wiretapping without a warrant:

"It's a very basic argument I'm making. Just that the public statements of the NSA director and the Attorney General (which I got of the white house web site) are in direct contravention of the fourth, and that the Supreme Court should demand that they follow the law and get a warrant. The court should sanction the executive until they show that they are in compliance with the fourth."

This all came up very suddenly, when M was chatting up the constitutional law professor last week, a person M describes as an intense West County (ex-hippie who got older and realized living off the land ain't all it's cracked up to be so went out and found a "real" job) libertarian. It was his suggestion and he mostly just steered M through the process of researching the forms and laws, filing it correctly. M is hoping to receive school credits, which would be fabulous. The ConLaw prof predicts that the media will be descending on our home any minute to hear the full story of why this plucky law student is taking on the White House. I'm a bit more pessimistic--either a big anti-climatic nothing will happen or M will be placed on the terrorists-to-watch list and we'll just think nothing happened.


It was a fine, pleasant weekend, all in all. Some rain, which was actually nice, though it will ensure that the fire hazard this summer will be high. I finished my first purse project--a few mistakes, but a good learning process. We made a cream cake (a quick one-bowl wonder producing a dense, moist dessert) Saturday night, during an intermission of the new version of The Producers, topping it with strawberries from my favorite farmers market stand.

JeriLu's commencement speech
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Rebecca and I met for writing time at our usual spot on Sunday, but while she squeezed out a few paragraphs, I opened my laptop and that was the extent of it. Double sigh. But we got some good gabbing in, and that was wonderful. I went to my friend JeriLu's graduation from nursing school. I misjudged the timing of the event, but got there just in time not only to see her receive her pin, but also to give a most excellent address. Congrats, JeriLu!


Congrats to my friend Rachel's daughter, Francesca--she placed third in the state spelling bee! Her grandparents think she wuz robbed--the "pronouncer" didn't say her final word correctly, and that's what knocked her out.


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