Saturday, June 17, 2006

Home, Heat, and a Vandal

I'm mad about something. May I vent? M and I were stepping out to the farmers market this morning only to discover that someone had neatly cut one of my rose canes. Yes it was long and leggy and thorny and had a penchant for reclining on the sidewalk, and yes I was in fact thinking I really should tie it up so it would grow properly and not be a nuisance, but I just hadn't gotten to that part yet. Was that any reason to nip it in the bud, literally, neatly, at the 45 degree angle recommended by expert rose growers? I was very angry when I came across the vandalism this morning. And I felt powerless. Our sidewalk isn't really very trafficked, so I have a prime suspect, a certain gentleman two doors down who walks obsessively but who is also in fine fettle and perfectly capable of stepping over or going around. But I can't be sure it was he that did the deed. So I left a note, taped to the sidewalk with the cane underneath, affixed with bright red cloth tape asking why said vandal (well, I wrote "you" not vandal) didn't simply say something either via note or knock. Not sure if I'll get a response, but I hope at least to provoke thought.


So, yes, I'm home from San Jose. It was a good conference, successful, filled with happy attendees. It was only a two-dayer, but I returned exhausted. Not sure what that means for next spring, when we'll have four conferences in a row spaced only three weeks apart…I meant to go to the gym but didn't. Worked but didn't go to the office on Thursday, but went in yesterday despite the fact that I contracted a horrible headache that lasted into midday today. We had our first really hot day yesterday, so the office was respite from heat and noise. The earthmoving equipment is in full throat a block away--do you know that in these parts they are apparently allowed to begin at 7:00 a.m. on weekdays and 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays? They better not belch up diesel tomorrow morning, a Sunday, or I'll be out there waving a shriveled rose cane at them.


Filoli Garden
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Of all places not to leave for 48 hours, one could do worse than the Fairmont in San Jose. On my way down, I finally stopped at Filoli, and spent more than two hours wandering the house and grounds. I had every intention of visiting the Sunset Idea House less than ten miles away, but I had had my fill of gazing at gardens and rooms I could never attain, and felt it better to get to my destination. I had a lovely walkabout Sunday evening, ate rich Thai food that night, shopped in the little import nook inside the restaurant (what a perfect combination!), then had my last breath of fresh air Monday morning before leaving the Fairmont on Wednesday night.

While on my walk Monday morning, I happened upon Lou's Living Donut Museum, and who could resist having a living donut? I'm not sure how they survived the deep fat fryer, the brown crusted walls of the old fashioned were so thick they almost touched, but I managed to choke one down.
Lou's Living Donut Museum

M's making dinner. I should have headaches more often…


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