Saturday, June 10, 2006

Congrats, Brandon!

the graduate with his aunties
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So my nephew made it through grammar school and is on to high school. He wasn't on his tiptoes in the photo--he really is as tall as me now. Sigh. More photos here.

I had a really lovely, swift trip up to the graduation--or "promotion" as it's called in 8th grade. It was a crappy time to take a day off of work, what with the conference coming up next week, but considering how that conference interfered with my wedding last year, I didn't think much about it.

I managed to arrange a little time with almost everyone--I dropped my car off in Chico and rode to Redding with my dad, stepmom, and other nephew. Since we arrived in Redding a little early, I was able to spend a little time with my brother and graduating nephew. A nice dinner before the ceremony with extended family and friends. (Didn't get much time with my stepbrother there, unfortunately. Nor the Italian underwear model that my brother's mother-in-law was hosting.) Back to my brother's place after the ceremony for visiting with both brothers and both parents, something that doesn't happen very often. A little wine and chitchat, mom distributed goodies from China. Then back to Chico with my other brother and his family to spend the night.

The next morning I dropped my brother off at his work, then parked in downtown Chico on my way out of town. Bought coffee and a muffin, then walked over to the Stansbury Home, where M and I married nearly a year ago. It wasn't open, but I was able to sit in the little rose garden, sipping coffee, thinking about the wedding. I remember that I felt stressed out this time last year, trying to get everything done--but those thoughts are fading. It's mostly just happiness surrounding the wedding memories now, a little glow thinking about how many friends and family were able to join us, all those arrangements and aggravations a shrinking footnote. Think I'll take a look through the wedding photo set again.

It's early in the morning, chilly and overcast, Veronica warm and purring on my lap. I have chores to do (including washing the Monster Mobile--there's something about owning a Cadillac that makes me feel more obligated to keep it clean), work email to answer, and I have to pack for the trip to San Jose. M is off fishing yet again, Rex with him, thankfully saving me from his sulking when M leaves without him. It's good to feel the day stretching before me. There might even be a nap in there somewhere.


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