Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello, Burlingame, and Goodbye

The first conference of the year comes to a close tomorrow. It's been pleasant for me, and a little odd too. Usually, I have a purpose at our events, but no longer. So I just kinda schmoozed around and actually was able to spend time listening to the presentations. But I still had other usual conference experiences--like not leaving the hotel for two days and sleepless nights. On the bright side, since I don't have formal duties, I've been able to keep up with my regular work pretty well, which is a bit of a relief, not to fall behind while conferencing.

I do need a new suitcase. My practically new one is too large and I strain my back a little every time it goes into and out of the car. Not a good way to start a long event. Oh well.

I thought I might actually have something to blog about tonight, but I guess I don't. So I'll close with a cell phone report: I used it, and so far haven't embarrassed myself too much.

So looking forward to home and husband and furry creatures tomorrow night! Particularly after reading my horoscope just now. So for closing PS, Rob sez: " By my reckoning, your tribe is in a phase when you're capable of peak performances in both the erotic arts and oceanic emotions; you're primed for transcendent acts of sensual pleasure and rich amusements in warm, watery depths."

Yeah, baby.


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