Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kinda Nice Over Here on the Dark Side

So I acquired one this weekend--a cell phone. My boss wanted me to have one, so now I do. I'm trying to gaze at it with affection and let go my prejudice. It is quite cute. I can use it to order pizza. I just made a cozy for it out of some felted scraps I had in my knitting basket--my thinking is that it will be grateful to me for the handsome extra protection I've now afforded it. I hope so.

However, I am committed to the Cell Phone Good Citizen Pledge. Let's say it together, shall we?

I promise not to blab and drive simultaneously

I promise not to interrupt our conversation to peer into it when someone calls, much less answer its siren song only to say, "I'm kinda busy right now--can I call you back in five?"

I promise not to use it in completely inappropriate places: movie theaters, restaurants, the gym, etc.

I promise to turn off the ringer in meetings and other gatherings, so as not disturb those around me

Wish me luck. I'm hoping this ends the era of my bad cell phone mojo.


It was a lovely weekend. We had a double date night on Friday--a friend took us out to a nice Italian place for dinner--as a wedding present! That was so sweet, even though of course we're not even newlyweds anymore. I was so exhausted from work that week that I wasn't much of a conversation companion, but I enjoyed the company and the simple act of trying a new restaurant.

On Saturday I met the Pointy Pals for writing time and I worked on my lace making article. It's almost done. Really. M and I watched The High and the Mighty, which M speculates was the inspiration for Airplane--gotta rent the latter now for comparison. I picked up tickets for a writers group field trip to see Billy Collins later this month.

On Sunday, after an aborted attempt to study/work in the morning, we repaired to a local dive-ish bar to watch the Superbowl. A decent game, a fine performance from Prince, excellent people watching--it was very Cheers-y in that everyone seemed to know one another, and M was offered a job by the drunken, nicotine-breathed attorney sitting next to us. Not sure if his wink was a tic, but it was certainly an experience that made me pine for dive bars.


At 6:58 AM, February 07, 2007, Blogger Rebecca said...

Welcome to the Dark Side. Good pledge, though. I think I'll take it too. Although trying to quit the phone/driving habit will take work, I think it's well worth it.


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