Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunny San Diego

Zeisel pottery
Originally uploaded by suzipaw.
…is where I'm at today.

I flew down a little early yesterday and met up with a friend's sister, a fellow home design aficionado who lives here in SD--she very kindly picked me up at my hotel and whisked me off to lovely Balboa Park so we could take in the Eva Zeisel show. It was a sunny, blooming flora filled day…the show was good…we took a pedicab from the parking lot to the museum…we topped it off by going to an enormous rummage sale that was also happening in the park. Helped to mellow me for the busy days ahead.

It's late but I have a bit more to do before heading up to my suite and hopefully a good night's sleep.


At 4:13 PM, March 29, 2007, Anonymous Michael said...

I remember those days, but I never seemed to make it to BP.

Saw this and thought of you for some odd reason. Aren't you Pastafarian?


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