Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

Did I really only post once in April? Sigh. Well, life is full of cycles, and I'm trying to bolster my belief that my blogging energy will once again return. Though I'm reminded a bit of my days at my last job at NYU when I was on the phone constantly, and so when I left the office my home phone became an enemy--I've never really gotten over that itchy feeling when the phone rings (oh, pardon me while I plug my cell phone into its charger…there, that's better). And so it goes with my computer--after ten or so hours staring into its glowing face at the office, I have no desire to "reconnect" at home, despite the siren song/guilty haranguing I can hear skiving its way through the laptop bag.

So much time has gone by, and it's getting to be bed time, so a bullet point recap seems the best course of action, in no particular order:

-There's a fine rain outside, and I can feel the roses (oh spectacular pink and crimson and lavender creatures they are this year!) and hostas and pitcher plants embracing it. Two grand deep purple irises have unfurled in the past two days from their wine barrel throne off the back deck, and they are magnificent to behold.

-Two conferences also unfurled in April, and though they weren't quite as exquisite as the iris, it's a relief that they're over. Two more this month, and then we're halfway through the year. One of our main managers had an emergency appendectomy during the first April conference, which was frightening, but she's recovering and back at work now and we held it together without her, which was a good lesson. Also during that first conference in SF, my book mobile librarian friend met me at the end of the day and we partook of gabbing and excellent Thai food and had a coffee at a shop near the Chinatown gate. She stayed over with me at the hotel, and all in all it was just a welcome break in the work routine.

-Many glad tidings! M was offered a part time position supervising fellow students in the small claims clinic--an honor and good experience for his resume. It means a busier summer for him, but he's excited about it and I'm very happy for him.

-A lovely summer weekend began early last Saturday--an outdoor, convivial dinner with friends that culminated in a bit too much consumption of the fermented juice of the temperanillo grape on my part, which made it hard getting up for the boating outing the next day, but I persevered. This was the second double date with a particular couple--the first was after a long week at work that left me completely dumb and knackered, and for this one I presented a grim, tired, and hungover apparition…I'm sure I've left a terrible impression. They actually agreed to park the large boat into a small lot in order for me to purchase a latte on the way to the lake, so I must've looked like I *really* needed it…but it was a lovely day in my opinion after that.

-Many congrats are in order to the Redding clan--my niece was recently elected prom queen and my brother Employee of the Year! Ah, the reflected glory shines brightly upon me.

-I'm very much looking forward to my trip to Portland in two weeks--yes it's work, but I'll be seeing my aunt and uncle as well, however briefly.

-I have, happily, found time for, if not blogging, a knitting project: a hat to be felted (and it damn well better shrink down, or I'll have to follow M's jibe and grow dreadlocks); and become engrossed in the House of Niccolo series which my boss hooked me on, confound her!

-The Pointy Pals continue to be a source of inspiration and joy for me.

-My teeth were cleaned and jury duty fulfilled successfully last month. And M vacuumed the house, which will have to stand in as spring cleaning for us this year, methinks. (It's not as bad as it sounds, we're not home that much…)

And now, good night!


At 8:26 AM, May 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed you so!


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