Sunday, August 19, 2007

Between Parties

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The wedding yesterday was lovely. Quirky clothes, lots of young folks with tattoos, good food, friends, and music, lovely weather and setting. Toasts to many children for the wedded couple, a lovely a cappella song from one of the guests, furry/feathery pink heart decorations, homemade pear-ginger chutney as a wedding favor. And Ann-Margret. Watch the movie at your peril--it's pretty bad and mostly people dancing without sound. On the plus side, it's not much more than two minutes long.

Thank goodness mom was here to show me how to do my hair. It wasn't quite high enough, but I got lots of props on the spit curls. And the bride was pleased, so I was glad to contribute in that way.

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I made my travel arrangements for my trip to Washington yesterday, and I'm very excited. Grandma's going to have a nice birthday party. I added a Boston leg to my east coast trip later in September, so much to look forward to there.


M is out fishing with a friend, and I'm trying to get up the gumption to do a little work this afternoon before the law school party. I still haven't been sleeping well, so I suspect my social skills will be put to the test this evening, but M had a very early morning, so hopefully we won't be out too late. But before I get to work, maybe I'll research movie camera prices…


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