Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Mom and Jay
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I'm between trips, home yesterday from family and perfect weather up on the Mendocino coast, off bright and early to Grandma's in Washington for more family and hopefully more pleasant weather tomorrow.

It was nice to be a mom's, spoiled with good food from her and my brother's gardens, walking on the beach in a tshirt with just a bit of a breeze, the air the clearest I've seen it in a long time. Rex was very clingy and slept hard against me that night (it was even pleasant temperatures all night long--I had to let him out at about 2am, and was able to be out on the porch quite comfortably in my pajamas) but Mom called when I got home to reassure me that he had been on several walks that afternoon and was doing well. It was also great to spend quality time with my brother--we got some good blabbing in on the trip up and back.

I can tell Veronica enjoys it when Rex is gone--she spends a lot more time with me in the living room and climbs into bed with me in the morning to announce that she's ready for her tuna breakfast, would I please get up and get to it?

M has been a few days in Bonneville. He and his friend John each brought a motorcycle. They threw a tire early on their journey, and he was afraid his little truck was overloaded, but apparently it was just an enormous screw. He reports that it's really damn hot, too hot to enjoy riding his bike much. I hope that mean that he won't borrow a really fast bike to make a run on the salt at high speed, but I doubt it. His friend Eric is due to make his first run at another record this morning, and I'm hoping that all is going/went smoothly.


Here's a movie from my trip to Bruges last year. I really wish I had had sound capability for this one--the soft clacking sounds were so much a part of the atmosphere:


Happy birthday plus a day, Ginny!


The birthday month has started off very nicely--mom gave me a beautiful necklace and earring set from her Alaskan cruise and is contributing to my camcorder. And I'll be celebrating with Grandma in just a couple of days.

Back to camcorder shopping--maybe I'll be able to get it today, wouldn't that be fun?


At 4:12 AM, September 05, 2007, Blogger K2 said...

They do this kind of lace at the Fibre Arts Fest, too! I had been thinking of skipping this year, but maybe I'll go.


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