Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks, everyone, for your kind and supportive responses to my last post. I'm feeling a very little better, but I think partly because I've been at work and not at home where the lack of Pookie's presence is most felt. Particularly her empty chair…

M, Rex and I are off to the Mendocino coast for our traditional turkey day with my mom, stepdad, and a good family friend. We've got way too much food, but that's part of the tradition too. Looking forward to quiet time and walks on the beach and that's about it. Oh, and maybe see Oz Farm where we'll have a reunion next summer.

We'll be back on Saturday. Bringing home a few kiln loads of Mom's pottery (I almost spelled it "poettry" which is actually a pretty good word) to sell at work next week.


At 10:41 AM, November 25, 2007, Blogger elm said...

Did you see Oz? I am wondering what your reaction is? It is super fantastic to my imagination.

I am sure the pottery will sell well.



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