Monday, November 10, 2008

Status Report

Glass projects
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I'm home, oh yay, with only vacation voyages planned for the rest of the year. The conference was a big success--one of the first where household names like Lance Armstrong and Al Gore spoke, which was exciting. But I'm really glad it's over.

I took it easy on Saturday, almost forgetting my glass class! But I made it and enjoyed picking up my first few projects and starting new ones. Later I watched TV, something I almost never do during the day (my excuse was catching up on The Wire, since M had gotten an episode ahead of me) while M was busy researching a case--doesn't that sound so lawyerly?--that he's taken on freelance. When he came home we had fun making a stir fry for dinner--M had been inspired by the flavor of hoisin sauce he'd had on his pork chop Friday night at the restaurant where we went out in celebration of my return and wanted to experiment more.

Yesterday I did work a little on my novel, but I'm woefully behind on my word count and so hope to do a lot of catching up this week. In the afternoon I picked up a friend I haven't seen for a while and we headed down to Julia's clothing swap, which was a particularly excellent one this year. I left with about the same amount of clothes that I came with, which wasn't much, so felt pretty good about that. I'm wearing a tshirt and sweater from the swap now, as a matter of fact. The pieces I chose all seemed to be black, gray, and red. Hm. It was great catching up with my friend too--she lives close, but we don't see each other much.

Finally, a big shout out to the love of my life. He's holding up well with just 11 days left before the Bar results are posted. But I want to note a wonderful thing that he did last week: we have a friend who heads up a county children's services department, and he had asked M to ask the dean of his law school about the possibility of setting up a clinic to help people (mostly grandparents or other relatives) navigate the adoption system so they could take legal responsibility for the children in their care. The dean never took M up on it, which was a little frustrating, but the college does have limited resources. But last week M was at a continuing ed meeting (all lawyers have to have them) with his new boss and a woman from Legal Aid was there to request support for their efforts. M approached her and told her about the county's need for the adoption clinic and put her in touch with our friend, and now it will hopefully come to fruition! I'm very proud of him. But also, a little saddened that it took such a random act to implement something so important.


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Oh my, Suzi, your glass projects are beautiful!


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