Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Random Things, Now Blogged!

There's been a meme zinging around Facebook--listing 25 things about yourself and then tagging 25 friends to do the same. It felt somewhat annoying, so I resisted, but I finally gave in because I've enjoyed reading other people's lists, and it was an interesting exercise to think about what to include and what to leave out. So for those of you not my FB friends, here it is. And if you'd like to reciprocate, know that I'd like to read your list, but I'll understand if you don't want to join in.

1. I'm a Pastafarian.

2. College job sampler: car wash cashier, apprentice in a stained glass studio, preschool snack and playdoh prepper, life model, box office staffer, trash wrangler at a Ren Faire.

3. Happily child-free. Growing up, I sort of assumed that I would be a parent, but in practice, that alarm clock just never rang for me. Thank god the questions have trickled off now that I'm exiting my child-bearing years.

4. Card carrying member of the Cougar Club (hubby is nine years younger).

5. I miss volunteering at our local performing arts center and hope I'll have the time to start doing it again. My usher outfit is gathering dust.

6. I have many close, longtime friends, but I don't have a BFF, much to my dismay (no, my husband is not my best friend).

7. I've always considered myself a cat person, but since we adopted Rex, I've realized I'm ambi-faunal.

8. Speaking of Rex: His nickname is the barnacle because he seems to attach himself to me at night as we sleep. Sorry if that grosses you out, but I've come to terms with that preference and I hope you will too.

9. Eggs. I acknowledge and admire their place in the culinary firmament, but no food is more revolting to me in its pure form. Just thinking about fried eggs makes me feel squinchy.

10. Childhood obsession: horses.

11. Childhood crushes: Elvis, Paul (or was it George?), Donny. And my brother's best friend, Noel Hankla (whom I ran into once when I was in college, on a city bus of all places--very odd. He was still hawt. Hm, I wonder if he's on FB?)

12. Of all household chores, dusting is my most-loathed. And it shows.

13. I have my very own craft room that houses my yarn, beads, glass, buttons, paper, fabric, and attendant tools for all of the aforementioned items. (Veronica spends most of her time in there, so it also contains a fair amount of loose fur and is alternately known as the Cat Room.)

14. I remain hopeful that one day I will be in possession of a two carat emerald cut solitaire diamond ring.

15. I love the idea of entertaining, but I blame my tiny, eyesore of a home on why I don't do it much, rather than my introversion.

16. I don't shop to relax as much as I used to. Except for thrift store shopping, which has fueled a bad habit of telling people how much (or rather, how little!) I paid for items that they compliment me on.

17. Two movies I *must* watch at least once a year: The Quiet Man and It's a Wonderful Life. I see new things every time I watch them. I also love movie musicals and wish they would make more of them. Maybe Mamma Mia and Flight of the Conchords will encourage an industry trend.

18. Favorite food experiences: the first time I tried roasted garlic; the first time I tried fresh mozzarella; and my trip to Lesbos when I was 21--traveling to a foreign country really opened my mouth.

19. Of all of the places where I've lived since being born in Minot, ND (San Bernardino, Aptos, Long Beach, Manchester in CA; Sarasota, FL; and Manhattan), the place where I live now is the best for me.

20. Still not sure if I believe in luck or not. Ditto god.

21. I possess every single issue of Martha Stewart Living. I used to have all of the Weddings issues too, but I've started giving them away.

22. Best celeb sighting? Jackie O--we used the Lincoln Center ladies room at the same time during Spalding Gray's performance of Monster in a Box.

23. The moniker item: My Spice Girls name is Crunchy Spice, which was accurate when I lived in NY, but is hardly appropriate in the uber granola county where I currently reside. I have also been known as Pepper and Raya. My husband and I (and only my husband and I) call each other Paw.

24. One of my biggest regrets? Not keeping some sort of journal during my dozen years of living in New York. I have a lot of scrapbook-y items, but the narrative and context are lost (cue Springsteen's Glory Days).

25. When my husband started law school, he convinced me to get rid of the TV and that has been one of our smartest joint decisions ever. Aside from getting married.


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