Friday, March 18, 2005

Home...Is Where I Wanna Be

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It was a perfect escape.

I cabbed it to the airport with a colleague who managed to get a seat on my flight. (An important point--if I missed the bus back to Sonoma County, I'd have to either wait 90 minutes for the next bus or 75 minutes for her flight to arrive so I could catch a ride home with her.) Our flight left on time, arrived on time, time flying by with the help of "The Red Tent" and white wine. I remembered to buy the scarves for mom at the gift shop in SFO. Our bags were within the first ten to slide onto the carousel. The bus for the long-term parking snorted up within a minute of our arrival on the sidewalk. Her car was parked in the area served by the first bus stop. Very little slow traffic through SF and the highway home. We dissected "Nanny 911" for much of the journey and I was surprised at how much I had still to say about the show.

Home, I unpacked, petted the creatures, had a glass or two of wine, inspected the flowers in the dark (M was right, the freesias and tulips are popping), waited for M.


Today, it was hard being productive. I did finish "The Red Tent," the fastest read in years for me, before M woke up. He had to go to la dentista magnifica before work, so I was left to my own devices early in the day, which turned out to be the TV (two episodes of "Sex and the City" via Netflix, another show I love against my will), and the oven. I didn't off the yeast, and managed to create two handsome and tasty loaves of bread. I started them a-baking then took Rex for a walk in the drizzle, the mud in the field sticking to my shoes making me feel like a lead-footed deep sea diver, and returned to the warmth and intoxication of a house filled with baked-bread smell. Email, 'net surfing and blog reading, a few bills are paid, and I resisted the Siren Song of Ross, so the day is not a total lounge-about.

Sunday is all about cleaning the house in anticipation of house guests later in the week, but what shall I do tomorrow? That's one of my favorite questions.


At 6:31 PM, March 18, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say that Frankie and I had a short but intense love afaair with Nanny 911. I would tape it for her and she would watch it in the morning. She loved watching the kids being punished by the Nanny.

At 3:49 PM, March 19, 2005, Blogger suzanne said...

That's pretty funny. Does she ever make parenting suggestions/criticisms to you based on what she saw on the show?


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