Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wedding Weekend

MAC Makeover
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Much of yesterday was devoted to furthering the cause of my wedding.

I met a dear friend at the MAC counter at a Nordstrom's in the north bay bright and early. We made a makeover appointment for me for an hour later, then power-shopped for suitable red wedding pumps and a white dress throughout the mall (no luck). I was so grateful to have my friend along--she got what I was looking for right away, but was always good about suggesting other possibilities, yet moving along quickly when things weren't right. She was great about asking salespeople for more info right off (I occasionally still need time to screw up the courage to approach people--not a good trait when you're shopping on a time budget).

I chose a good day for this--kind of a hangover makeover, a challenge for Deborah, my colorfully be-eyeshadowed MAC consultant. Many brushes, powders, colors, pieces of advice, several soothing live piano tunes in the background, 55 minutes, and $163 later, I was transformed!

I'd frame the "makeup map" Deborah carefully crafted for me to represent where I'm supposed to put everything when I do it myself, but she had to fold it to get it into the bag.

Makeover Magic!

Sample comments re: makeover:

Friend's five-year-old daughter:

"What's that?" she asked, pointing to my eye.

"Eye decoration. I'm getting married and want to look pretty," I replied. "What do you think?" (When will I ever learn?)

"I don't like it," she declared. Later, she clarified that she felt strongly that blue would've been a better color choice.


"Well, what do you think of my makeover?" I asked him when we finally saw each other at the shank of the evening, ten hours after the artistic endeavor that was my face had been completed. I had purposely not taken off the makeup when I arrived home so's I could show him.

"I was surprise it was so much," was his reply.

Later, he clarified that he had been looking at my face without much makeup on for ten years, and to suddenly see my features in such sharp relief was a bit shocking ("no judgments" he noted). Probably a good thing that I didn't have much lipstick on when I saw him. Also, probably a good thing that he saw me with my face on before the wedding, he would've wondered who this impostor was...


My friend and I bid adieu to Deborah, and cut out to the Wedding Discount Superstore, a new joint right off the freeway. Very young hispanic women formed the coterie of sales staff, and they left us old ladies pretty much to our own devices. (We had to utilize the services of a "wedding dress consultant" if I wanted to try on the regular wedding dresses, but they were all out of my price range, so we stuck to the super sale and bridesmaid dresses racks.)

Wedding Superstore Mirror
Again, shopping with my friend made the experience so much better. Sage advice, and helpful in bringing me new things to try on, whisking no-gos away. Again, however, there were a few close ones, but not close enough. The red number was great, but red. There was another beautiful white one, with a tasteful and chic beaded portrait collar and bodice that fit like a glove. But it was a full ball gown skirt with a long train, so the money it would've taken to remove the train would've blown my budget. And there was something wrong with the fabric lining the bodice--it created odd creases that the 19 year old (maybe) sales gal assured us could be steamed out.

Again, an odd experience seeing myself (especially with all that makeup) in the mirror in the traditional wedding gown. I was glad it wasn't as much of a production as the other bridal store.


Wiped from wedding stuff, I was happy and a bit exhausted to land at another friend's house for easter egg dyeing and pizza dinner. I got there a little early, so went to a nearby market for a few things to offer the hostess, and felt like quite the city girl. We watched the kids dye eggs and blabbed the hours away.

Charming moments with my friend's daughter (she of the eyeshadow opinions) included, "When you get married, are you going to kiss the boy? On the lips? Eeww!" "I dressed up as a rockstar for Halloween, wanna see?" and several songs, renditioned with strums on her child-proportioned guitar. Made me wished I lived closer.

Ruby Twirling


It's pouring rain. M and I have had the whole day to laze around together, sleeping in, consuming good quality brie, typing on our separate laptops in the same room, and contemplating what to do for dinner. We won't have another day together like this 'til next month, but then he starts summer school in May, and hopefully we'll have at least one day together a week until his fall semester begins again. We should fold our invitations, or go over the vows, but I think TV and food will close this day of Resurrection.


That Darn Barbie: She came to step class in a skirt last week, people--a skirt! And yes, as always, she pulled it off, like a sexy Russian tennis star plunked down in our midst.


Dreams are funny, aren't they? Unusual, magical, or frightening things happen to us every night, and in our dreams we take them in stride, as if these hours we spend with our deepest, most intimate selves are just as natural as can be.


Movies I want to see:

Bride and Prejudice
Maria Full of Grace
Story of the Weeping Camel
Mail Order Wife

My brother just burned a stack of DVDs for me, so I have plenty of entertainment choices these days.


Earlier in the week, my dad and stepmom came to stay for a few days, which was very nice. I don't see them much, and they moved to Virginia last year, so those weekend visit possibilities have dried up (though TravelZoo might help in that regard someday), so I'm grateful that they can take the time to come out to the left coast. They were here on a Wednesday, my weekday off, which was nice. Weather wasn't great, but my stepmom did come with me to pick up the wedding invitations, which made it feel more official somehow. (Unfortunately, there had been a miscommunication in the order, so our return address wasn't printed on the outer envelope. We should have them in a week, however, not too bad.) Wished I could've taken at least part of Thursday off to hang out with them more, but it's been a little overwhelming at work lately...


It's Easter, and I really should've finished up my God blog for posting today, but I'm dragging my feet. Too. Much. Thinking. Well, maybe next religious holiday that I don't celebrate...


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