Saturday, July 23, 2005


I definitely wanted to have long hair for the wedding, but now that we're celebrating our 4-week anniversary, I thought it was time for a new look. The final 'do is actually shorter than this fairly unflattering pic--I'll post one when I'm not feeling so...puffy.

Really, I had been planning this sniparoo for some time. This is probably the last time I'll be able to make a hair donation--by the time it gets long enough again, I think it'll be too grey. Though I almost didn't do the 'do deed today. I arrived well before the salon opened, and thought that perhaps it was a sign that I should put it off. But I had a coffee, took a stroll, bought some envelopes at RiteAid, and by then it was time. The staff were all good sports about documenting the cut for us, Gentle Reader.

Shopping around the uber Wine Country burg of Healdsburg afterwards, I kept shaking my head to feel the odd sensation of hair ends on my neck, and wondering who was that short-bobbed shadow following me around? This new image will be hard to get used to. It will be fun to surprise a few people, though, since not everyone I know reads my blog (gasp!).


M finished the Harry Potter book last night and wants me to hurry up and read it so we can discuss it. He concurs with R that it's so sad. Maybe I should put the two of them in touch and they can talk about it.


Where there's smoke, there're flies: Monday at work, Kerry said, "Have you noticed an influx of flies recently?" I replied that I had actually noticed that flies *weren't* as bad as they have been in the past round my parts--specifically, hovering infuriatingly in my living room. (What's a herd of flies called, anyway? A swarm? Murder?) Sure enough, the jinx was unleashed, and by Wednesday afternoon, they just seemed to be everywhere. It's taken me several days to smack down their number to an acceptable level. In other unwelcome guest news, the smoky smell clinging to the house as a reminder of M's meat cooking project is finally starting to abate as well. I think I'm going to have to thoroughly air out the scarf I'm knitting, however--it smells like barbecue every time I take it out of its bag to work on it.


Damnably hot today, by Jove (I've got the Master and Commander narrator's voice stuck in my head today). The once-cool house is starting to feel stuffy. It's a good day for shorter hair.


HapPY BirTHdAY one day belated (sorry!) to Kalyani and Liz!!

While sitting in the town square waiting for the salon to open this morning, I was pleased to come upon this door sculpture. When I moved back to California several years ago, it had been installed several blocks away, near the fire station. It caused an uproar--some people felt it was blasphemous, a doorway to hell. I really like it, though--it reminds me more of a ruin--so I'm glad they found a public home for it, though I'm unclear as to why this spot is more acceptable than its first location. There's a lot more objets to object to in town than The Door though, on grounds of sheer ugliness. But who am I to criticize? (Oh, right, I'm a Virgo.)


At 9:55 PM, July 23, 2005, Anonymous Julia said...

1. Oooo! Haircut! Can't wait to see it! I'm thinking about doing something similar myself next week...stay tuned. ;)
2. How are you liking Master & Commander? Josh and I read the first book or two, but I think I liked the Horatio Hornblower series better (although to be fair I should read a few more of the Jack Aubrey ones before making a final decision.) I wonder if it's a whole different beast as an audiobook...all those lovely accents and all.
3. BBQ scarf. Funny. :)


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